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Blog: Which Employees are Having the Toughest Time with Student Loans

Infographic: Student Loan-Retirement Benefit Impact

Student Loan Genius


Beth Akers (Manhattan Institute)

Game of Loans: The Rhetoric and Reality of Student Debt.

Manhattan Institute


Zac Bears (PHENOM)

Students fought hard, and won big, on state budget for UMass

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David Bergeron (Center for American Progress)

Linking Existing Federal Data Systems to Expand Knowledge of Higher Education

A Quality Alternative: A New Vision for Higher Education Accreditation

Center for American Progress

We Already Cleaned up the Student Loan Mess—Let’s Not Do It Again

Jillian Berman (Marketwatch)

Here’s how much an extra $10,000 in student debt will set you back over your lifetime

Recent black college graduates owe nearly $25,000 more than white grads

Student loan debt for bachelor’s degree recipients continues to grow

How some of the most vulnerable student loan borrowers are set up to fail

John Oliver says Jill Stein doesn’t understand her own student debt plan


Kirk Carapezza (WGBH)

Sen. Warren Calls For “Aggressive Action” On College Accreditor

On Campus: The WGBH News Higher Education Blog


Kris Clerkin (College for America)

College for America

Parker Cohen (CFED)

From Aspirations to Achievement

Investing in Dreams


From Piggy Banks to Prosperity: A Guide to Implementing Children’s Savings Accounts


Bob Collins (WGU)

Western Governors University



Danielle Douglas- Gabriel (Washington Post)

College costs rising faster than financial aid, report says

Bankers ease rules on automatic student loan defaults

D.C. Council considers bill giving the city more oversight of student loan debt collectors

Federal watchdog sees major cracks in program to help student loan defaulters

Veterans are getting short shrift as for-profit colleges close down, report says


Leanne Fay (MA Office of Financial Empowerment)

$eed MA

Office of Economic Empowerment

Financial Literacy Report


Deirdre Fernandes (Boston Globe)

Northeastern to launch loan program for neighboring businesses

Banks are issuing credit cards like it’s 2007

Thousands of Fidelity workers get help paying off student loans


Bob Hildreth (Inversant)

Are schools addicted to student debt?

The dawn of a new era in savings: New approach can help fight poverty and get young people through college

Student Loans Aren’t The Only Way To Pay For College

Guest Commentary: Who’s At Fault For Student Loans?



John Hupalo (Invite Education)

Three Simple Ideas to Start Fixing the Student Loan Mess

Plan and Finance Your Family’s College Dreams: A Parent’s Step-By-Step Guide from Pre-K to Senior Year

Invite Education

Student debt crisis does not require a big government solution.


Laura Krantz (Boston Globe)

Suffolk University adds two new board members

After closure, ITT Tech students left with piles of debt and no degree


Julie Lammers (ASA Center for Consumer Advocacy)

Missing Data

Life Delayed: The Impact of Student Debt on the Daily Lives of Young Americans

Retirement Delayed

ASA Center for Consumer Advocacy


Jessica Lautz (National Association of Realtors)

Student Loan Debt and Housing Report

Home Buyers Getting Older, Wealthier

Understanding Your Millennial Buyers


Phuong Luong (Compass Working Capital)

Compass Working Capital

Paul Mark (State Representative)

Lawmakers in Ten States Push for Debt-Free College

House of Representatives


Josh Martin (ideas42)


Nudging for Success


Betsy Mayotte (ASA Center for Consumer Advocacy)

Ensure Eligibility for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

You won’t believe what some students blow school loan money on

A Cautionary Tale of Student Debt Regret


Toby Merrill (Project on Predatory Student Lending)

Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School

Legal Services Center Complaint

Project on Predatory Lending


Nan Morrison (Council for Economic Education)

Council for Economic Education

Nan Morrison Speaks on Financial Literacy Education at the U.S. Treasury

Tonya Mosley (Edify, WBUR)

Black in Seattle

When the “No Snitch Code” Becomes an Excuse

Edify WBUR


Akhil Nigam (Fidelity Labs)

These employers give you money to pay off student loans

Thousands of Fidelity workers get help paying off student loans

Fidelity Labs Student Debt Tool


Jesse O’Connell (Lumina)

Lumina Foundation

Panel: Free Community College Plans Need More Focus on Adult Learners


Eileen O’Leary (Stonehill)

Stonehill College

Is College Still a Good Investment?

Scott Pulsipher (WGU)

Western Governors Annual Report


Andrew Renshaw (Piedmont Virginia Community College)

Piedmont Virginia Community College

More Students in High School Taking College Classes Thanks to New Legislation


Geoffrey Sanzenbacher (BC Center for Retirement Research)

How Does Student Debt Affect Early-Career Retirement Saving?

Will the Explosion of Student Debt Widen the Retirement Security Gap?

BC Center for Retirement Research


Martha Savery (MEFA)

MEFA Podcast Series


Martha Savery: Seminar on financing college available online


Theresa Schnelle (Lockton Company)

Lockton Associates Weigh in on Wellness Programs and Privacy

Why the Nation’s Largest Generation Isn’t Hip About Health Insurance . . . and What We Can Do About It


Michael Stynes (Jain Family Institute)

Purdue Research Foundation signs letter of intent to explore college funding alternative

Jain Family Institute

A new spin on college financing? Treating students like stocks


Neil Swidey (Boston Globe Magazine)

The college debt crisis is even worse than you think


Persis Yu (National Consumer Law Center)

Pounding Student Loan Borrowers: The Heavy Costs of the Government’s Partnership with Debt Collection Agencies

No Lost Causes: Practical Ideas to Help Low-Income Students Succeed in College

Student Loan Borrower Assistance, NCLC